opening the Die Core:

One of the emotional moments is to see for the first time the heart of a cpu. It's very simple if you have the correct instruments and tools! You only need a small gas torch ,a very small screw driver and a heat-proof underground  ( I always take a big heat sink)
For my experiment here  I decided to take a AMD X5-133 ADW.

Let's start:

Open Die Core AMD X5-133 ADW

burn carefully,3-4 minutes.
Be careful around the pins.
They will glow instantly!
click here to see glowing pins

Lift up the gold lid with
the screwdriver. Be careful about the small wires under it!

Wow, here is the
brain of your PC



It's always like a surprise opening a chip I have never seen at the inside. You can open all kinds of
chips and cpus which have a gold or a ceramic lid on the bottom.
To open a cpu with ceramic lid you should burn 3 minutes longer, because it's thicker than  a
gold lid.

But be careful: Ceramic lids are always breaking because the heat stresses the material!


Here some pictures of my own opened CPU´S:

All these pictures are high resolution Photos. 1600x1200 !!




A80486DX2 66

Pentium 60

Pentium 120


Intel 960
opened C4004 coming
soon ;-)