Intel  80486

Technical Specification

Extremely rare 486
Engineering Sample!!
Introduction date:
L1 Cache:
Addressable memory:
Address Bus:
Data Bus:
Number of Transistors:

DX types:
SX types:
DX2/SX2 types:
DX4 types:

10. April, 1989
16  - 100 MHz
32 Bit microprocessor
8 Kb
4 Giga Byte
32 Bit
32 Bit
DX: 1,2 Million  SX: 0,9 Million

with integrated FPU
the integrated FPU is disabled (low-cost versions)
double rated core frequency. CPU frequency/2=Board frequency
triple rated core frequency. CPU frequency/3=Board frequency

Main differences between the 386 and the 486 are an optimized instruction set, an on chip unified instruction and data cache, an optional on chip FPU, and an enhanced bus interface unit.


A80486DX ES A80486SX-16 A80486SX-16
SXE61, USA, Engineering Sample! SX431 Malaysia, SX548
A80486SX-20 A80486SX-20 A80486SX-25
Malaysia, SX406 USA, SX406 Malaysia, SX411
A80486SX-25 A80486SX-25 A80486SX-25
Malaysia, SX468 Malaysia, SX514, Low Power Malaysia, SX679
A80486SX-25 A80486SX-25 A80486SX-25
Malaysia, SX790 Malaysia, SX798 Malaysia, SX826
A80486SX-25 A80486SX-25 A80486SX-25
Malaysia, SX903 Malaysia, SX903 relabeled SX33 Malaysia, SX930
A80486SX-33 A80486SX-33 A80486SX-33
Malaysia, SX680 Malaysia, SX797 Malaysia, SX902
A80486SX2-50 A80486DX-25 A80486DX-25
Malaysia, SX845 USA, SX308 USA, SX328
A80486DX-33 A80486DX-33 A80486DX-33
USA, SX329 Malaysia, SX419 USA, SX419
A80486DX-33 A80486DX-33 A80486DX-33
Malaysia, SX419 Malaysia, SX666 Malaysia, SX729
A80486DX-33 A80486DX-33 A80486DX-50
SA5V1X, SX757 Malaysia, SX810 SX546 T
A80486DX-50 A80486DX-50 A80486DX2-50
USA, SX546 T SX710 SX626
A80486DX2-50 A80486DX2-50 A80486DX2-50
SX641 SX749 SX808
A80486DX2-50 A80486DX2-66 A80486DX2-66
SX912 SX645 SX731
A80486DX2-66 A80486DX2-66 A80486DX2-66
Malaysia, SX750 SX759 SX762
A80486DX2-66 A80486DX2-66 A80486DX2-66
SX807 Malaysia, SX807 Malaysia, SX911
A80486DX2-66 A80486DX2-66 A80486DX4-75
Malaysia, SX911 Malaysia, SX955 SK047
A80486DX4-100 A80486DX4-100 A80486DX4-100
Malaysia, SK051 Malaysia, SK096 SX877

FA80486SX33 FA80486GX33 FC80486DX4-75
FC80486DX4-100 KU80486SX-16 KU80486SX-25
SK053 KRA0 SX673
KU80486SX-25 LOW POWER KU80486SX-33 SB80486SX-33
SX676 SX684 SX855
SB80486DX-33 SB80486DX2-40 SB80486DX2-50
SX772 SX809 SX920

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