Some months ago I opened the section 'white beauties'. After that I received a lot of positive feedback, but some
people asked me for purple beauties. And they were right. There are also a lot of really
 nice purple chips in the world. I chose the nicest items of my
collection to share it with you here. Enjoy it. 
Note: here is no technical data documented, only the appearance is important in this section!!

One of my favorite purple chips is this great DEC
multi chip module. This chip is a part of the
KA820-AA CPU from a VAX 8200

Very nice DEC Alpha 21064 CPU. These very
impressive huge CPUs with gold top and
threads for mounting a heat sink are
always a highlight in each collection.

Again a very nice Alpha CPU 21264
with big gold top.
Extremely nice and heavy.

Also one of my favorites is this multi chip
module of NEC. It's a really huge CPU with
a very interesting and uncommon package
on the bottom.

This very thick purple LSI monster is a multi
core graphic processor. Extremely heavy
and very nice to look at.

These kinds of SUN chips are also very nice. Uncommon
pin arrangement and also a gold tread to mount
a heat sink.

  Here also a SUN Super Sparc chip.

  It seems that SUN always use uncommon
packages. I really like this CPU very much.

Extremely nice Intel 386 CPU with gold top.
The fact that this is an engineering sample makes this
CPU belong in this section.

  Very nice and thick DEC PDP11 F11 processor.
A very lovely multi core CPU with these
two gold tops.

  I like these CPGA packages with gold top and
window so much. Extremely nice and beautiful.

..... and lot of other nice and interesting packages....

 (c) 2009